Songkran festival celebration 2021


Songkran is a festival celebrated by Thai people in Thailand (Bangkok) from April13-April15 every year welcoming the start of a new year, it’s a festival of waters, where people splash water on one other and enjoy with their friends, family, neighbours and relatives. People travel around the city to their relatives residence and gathers to enjoy the festive.

Many outsiders from around the world especially plans a holiday just to visit and enjoy the festival with the Thai people and the best part is that the outsiders are welcomed the same way as their own people, the use of water during this festival symbolizes the cleaning of all the dirt and misfortune before starting a New Year.

Water is poured especially on the images of Buddha to clean the misfortune and the year is started then. There are various set rules that one must follow during the time of Songkran which is discussed below.


Songkran a festival of Thailand:

Songkran is basically a festival of Thailand, which means “movement” or “to move”. According to the solar calendar a Songkran is a celebration of a New Year in the late 1888, and is celebrate from 13 April-15 April. It is a festival of Water where people splash water on one another, and even visit their relatives.

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During this festive season buildings, malls, shops, restaurant remain close. Local People living in different parts of the world travel back to their home town for Songkran celebration and enjoy the family reunion.


What source is used to celebrate Songkran?

Water is the main source or say an element with which Songkran is celebrated, people enjoy this festive season by splashing a bucket of water or they use pistols full of water to make others wet from head to toe, they throw water on each other with utmost enjoyment and also visit their relatives this day, again a beauty is added to their festival by pouring water on the images of Buddha and also on the hands of the Buddhist monks as a sign of respect.

Why is water used to celebrate Songkran? You might be amazed as to why water is used to celebrate Songkran? The real reason being, water as we all know cleanses out every dirt and misfortunes, in order to start a New Year Thai people pour water on the images of Buddha to clean out all the misfortunes and to start up fresh.

And they celebrate this with so much of enthusiasm, by visiting temples, relatives and cleaning off their houses and the best part is anybody from this whole wide world can visit and be a part of their festival, they give equal respect and love to others as they show to their relatives, family and friends.

Do’s and Dont’s:

There are various set rules that one must follow to avoid any mishap.


• One must wake up early and wish their family.

• Take bath, get ready and wear a nice dress.

• Use scent or perfume added water to pour over your parents hands in order to get their       blessings.

• Visit temple,and try to be a part of pouring water on the images of Buddha.

• Visit your neighbors,relatives and friends.


• Do not drink and drive.

• Do not throw water on a persons face, intentionally, because the water might contain impurities that is harmful if you intake.

• Do not roam around in the road since the traffic is completely paralysed and try to be the part of the gathering.

• Be polite to others if you are splashed with water, as the festival is of waters, do not become impulsive.

• Try to be very friendly with others, and enjoy the festival with utmost excitement.

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