Upcoming Indian colourful Holi Festival 2021 celebration

Holi festival

Holi is a festival of color. This Holi festival is the most popular festival among children. Holi festival signify the triumph of the good over bad. This festival celebrate the end of the winter season and arrival of the spring season. This Holi festival celebrated in India and it has become the part of the Indian festival.

According to the Hindu Calender this festival comes in the month of Phalguna acceding to the English calendar which is generally comes in the mid of the March. This Holi festival means festival of love people enjoy and play with colors and forgive each other and spread the message of love. Laughing and playing with colors is the main fun.

Holi festival

Holi Festival is start gaining much popularity in the other parts of Asia and especially among non-Hindu. Holi is ancient festival for Hindus not only in India but also in Nepal and other Indian subcontinents . According to the reports this festival is also spreading and gaining popularity in Europe and North America as well.

the celebration of Holi start one day before where in the night with burning of the woods and doing pooja the process is called Holika Dahan. All the rituals regarding the bonfire is done there and they pray for good for everything, they pray to destroy the evil like that Holika destroyed.

Holi festival

The next day Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm and full of colors and put color on each other and play. Water balloons and water guns used to drench each other. Their is no difference between the rich and poor and whether stranger or friend everybody put colors on each other and show brotherhood.

Kite festival

Holi parties was also organised by the people at homes or parks and an special drink know as bhang was prepared especially in Holi festival which is made from crushing the cannabie which made you Drowsy. Many food items were also prepared by women at home.

History of Holi festival related to Krishna

Lord Krishna was grew up in Braj a place in India. Where the festival of Holi is considered to be the festival of love. Here in Braj this Holi festival is celebrated in the memory of the divine love of Radha and Krishna. Krishna has dark color complexion because when he was baby the demon Putana feed him with her breast milk and poisoned him.

Holi festival

Krishna mother told him to go to Radha and ask her to put color on your face because Krishna was always thinking whether Radha wj=ho is fair skinned will like him or not. when Krishna visit Radha and ask her to color his face in any color she like and she did it and they became a couple since then.So this is the history related to the Radha and Krishna.So this festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

History of Holi Festival related to Lord Vishnu

It was a story of victory of good over bad. When King Hiranyakashipu have got boon and have five powers those are that he neither killed by human being nor by an animal,and on land not water and air this made him think that he was a God and he become very arrogant.

He demanded that everyone should worship him and no one else. But his son Prahlada did not agree and go against him, which made king angry and gave punishment to his son Prahlada.

Holika  Prahlada aunt ask him to sit on fire with her and she where a  cloak from which fire doesnot effect her but  when the fire grew her cloak flew from her and save Prahlada and burned Holika. Then Lord Vishu appear as Narasimha who is half human and half animal.at dusk and kill the arrogant king Hiranyakashyapu at the door. This is the victory of good over evil.


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