Halloween 2021 : A famous festival in the world


Halloween is celebrated as a religion in most parts of the world on 31 October, earlier it was not into so much of fashion but today we can see how interestingly its been celebrated across the globe.

This tradition of celebrating the Halloween is originated generally from Samhain ancient Celtic festival, In this festival people used to light in order to ward the evil spirit by burning bonfire. During the eighth century, 1 November day is assigned to honour the saints by Pope George III. Animedao

The evening before this is knows a Hallows Eve, and just the next day is a Halloween. People started to celebrate Halloween with utmost interest by carving jack-o-lanterns, donning costumes to ward off the ghosts, eating treats, dancing and having fun with the family.



Presently the area known as the Ireland  presently, earlier the Celts lived 2000 years ago. November 1 is usually the end of summers and the beginning of winters when the days seems short and the nights are usually felt longer, a cold winter, dark night usually considered as the mark of human death.    Cinco de Mayo festival

Their was a believe among the Celts that the beginning of the new year is basically the burning fire between the living world and the dead. Thus a day before 1 November on 31 October they celebrate the Samhein.

Where it was believe that the spirits and ghost were returned to the world in order to speed fear among the living and scare them and cause trouble to them and also they believe that spirit will damage their crop.  Minecraft APK

During the long dark winter there was a self of relaxation among the Celts that they believe the presence of the other worldly spirit and ghost made easier for the priest to predict the future.



To perpetuate the event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires, where people were gathered in order to burn crops and animals as a sign of sacrifice to their Celtic deities. During the celebration, the Celts used to wear costumes made out of animal’s skin, and attempts are made to tell each others fortune.

Other practices included people going door to door asking for food by being in a disguise form, other addition to Halloween included “to see your face in the mirror in absolute dark with a lighted candle in hand, and you would see your future husband’s face.



But this was stopped after a while and transformed into another calling “Bloody Mary” by looking into the mirror, ”these practices used to scare people, as it is obvious even if we are asked to look into the mirror in such absolute dark we would too get scared.


The actual meaning of Halloween is truly different as it is represented today, “All Hallows Eve” is the eve for the dead and just the next day “All Hallows Day” is the day for the living, but people now a days tend to focus more on the darker side than the brighter one.

Its actually a light telling us that brightness comes no matter how dark it is or it was, but people focus only on the dark side, celebrating the Hallow eve by disguising themselves in different horrific ways, watching scary movies, telling each others fortune, partying, they do such to ward off any evil spirit that might enter their way that very Eve.

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