Famous festival celebration Mardi Gras 2021

Mardi Gras is carnival celebration which falls on Tuesday.It begins from on or after Christian feast . The day before ash Wednesday. This festival also  refer to the last day of eating rich food because when the fat Tuesday come most of the people go on fasting so this considered to be the day of last day eating too much fatty foods before the ritual Lenten season.

Mardi Gras 2021 will be on 16 February as this is the last day of carnival celebration and it also falls on the day before the Ash Wednesday.

New Orleans  is the worlds biggest place where Mardi Gras celebration held at large. New Orleans is the biggest celebration and most famous place of Mardi Gars celebration.apart from New Orleans in Italy ,Australia, Brazil,Britain and Alabama is also famous places where Mardi Gras is celebrated with full spirit.

Know about Up Helly Aa

Every festival is celebrated differently in different country and city.  Mardi Gras stretches from the entire period that is the last night of the Christmas to Ash Wednesday apart some other belief to be the last three days before the Ash Wednesday to be the Mardi Gras. In Alabama The events is started from the November.

In Czech Republic Mardi Gras is Folk tradition which is also called Masopust Which is also known as meat fast. Many places festival is celebrated which include Prague.The festival is celebrated at many places.

Mardi Gras 2020 incident

Mardi Gras festival in the year 2020 is remarkable. No one ever forget this incident. This festival held on 25 February 2020 around 6:30 pm in New Orleans incident occur when two bystander were killed or accident by the floats when people enjoy the carnival and taking part in it. Officials from New Orleans has cancelled the tandem floats from parading.

Celebration of Mardi Gras in the World

In different different places the Mardi Gras is celebrated differently like that in Germany it is also celebrated and is known by different name chmutziger Donnerstag or Fetter Donnerstag that is Fat Tuesday. Where as in Italy Mardi Gras festival is called the Martedì Grasso. This day is important and day before Thursday called Giovedí Grasso that is Fat Thursday. In Venice this famous festival carnival celebrated huge.

In the same way in Sweden this Mardi Gras festival named Fettisdagen. The same theory is also follows here that eat as much fatty food as you can before fasting. In United States this festival is traditionally celebrated in French cities and area in the country. French Catholic tradition brings this festival in North America.

In Poland this is known by the name Tłusty Czwartek. In this day here in Poland people eat their favorite pastries and doughnuts before the Lent that is the Christian fasting time . Here also the same theory continues that eat as much fatty as you can before day of fasting this day is celebrated with carnival.

Costumes in the Mardi Gars

Before the falls of the Ash Wednesday the Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is celebrated. In New Orleans the carnivals create the great joy people wear mask and march on the streets of the New Orleans.

They take up the costumes of the fairies, animals, Costumes from historic events and many other medieval costumes as well as characters from India. apart many dressed as just with colored feathers and uses mask and capes. Mardi Gras costumes shows and dipicit the joy that comes out from the people and not just costumes. in Venice their is a tradition to wear golden mask.

Generally women expose during the carnival in New Orleans. This practice is limited to the tourist and in the crowded area it is avoided by the locals in New Orleans.Generally exposing cause the crowded street so, it is avoided by the officials and local but tourist practice it mostly in the upper Bourbon street.