Cinco de Mayo famous festival celebration 2021

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a Spanish word which means 5th of May. Cinco de Mayo day in Mexico is celebrated as annual celebration. This day is a celebrated as remarkable victory of Mexican Army in the year 1862 at the battle of Puebla over the French Empire.

The victory is celebrated out of happiness that the larger and much bigger French Army was defeated by the small Mexican Army.This celebration boost the moral of all. After the battle of Puebla the leader Zaragoza died because he was ill. At the second Battle of Puebla  big French force defeat the Mexcian Army and Mexico city come under the invaders.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is most popularly celebrated in United States. Cinco de Mayo has become the common festival of both Mexican American culture. Since 1863 this Cinco de Mayo is celebrated this celebration started in California.

But the popularity this festival Cinco de Mayo gained popularity n 1980s, Cinco de Mayo must have thanks to the many advertising companies advertising their beer and wine. The campaign run buy these advertising companies gained the popularity of the festival.

Cinco de Mayo in U.S

Since 1963 this festival is celebrated in US. In US Cinco de Mayo celebration is worth watching. The Mexican who lived in the United States celebrate the festival with remembering the battle and achievements of the people. Many people put banners so that they educate those who are not aware of the victory of Mexico over French.

On this day the school organised program and special events in order to educate their children about the culture and history.

Cinco de Mayo

This festival in US is celebrated in largest the main cities were largest Mexican population found is Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver the celebration in these cities were just like you are in Mexico.In some areas you can also enjoy the dance and music of Mexico.

Up Helly Aa festival

In US this festival is not the Federal holiday that is why schools and offices are still opened and public transport are also open. Some cities were Mexican population is high you an see parades and street programs which may cause little convenience  to the public.

Why Cinco de Mayo celebration is bigger in US than in Mexico??

In Mexico celebration of festival is on smaller scale and it is focused only on Military events but this is not in America. In America  drinking wines and eating, dancing and celebrating takes place.

Many American believe it is a Mexican Independence Day but it is not so, actually it is a small holiday to remember the Battle of Puebla and the victory. 16 September is Mexican Independence day.

Cinco de Mayo is among the top 5 five holiday for drinking the biggest difference between the celebration in Mexico and America. tequila, tecate, micheladas, and margaritas these are some of the special drinks used most in the festival.

People in American whether Mexican or not enjoy with eating Mexican cuisine and drinking beer. People of America especially in areas where the Mexican population is highest can see the celebration whether in Mexico it is a celebration of the victory over the French and they all engage in the military areas and parades takes place where more than 20,000 people take part.

Misconception of Independence Day

Mexican Independence day is celebrated is celebrated on 16 September which is celebrated throughout Mexico. But have you imagine that Cinco de Mayo is started in America because of the ties of the history to the civil war and started from there. But Mexican Independence Day is not connected with this festival. So in short enjoy Mexican food and their tradition and enjoy the festival no matters whether American or Mexican or else.

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