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EId ul Fitr : Most Popular Festival Of Muslims


The two most important festival of Muslims is EId ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. These two festivals are celebrated in Islam worldwide. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated after one month of fasting in Ramzan month on sighting the new moon on the 29 or 30 day of Ramzan. In the Islamic calendar it is the month of the Shawwal and Eid is celebrated on the very first day of Shawwal.

History related to the Eid ul Fitr

According to the tradition this festival is started in Medina after the migration of Prophet Mohammad from Mecca. It was narrated by a companion of Prophet Mohammad that when Mohammad arrived in Medina he found people celebrating and they celebrated two specific day So, he remarked that Allah had fixed two days for celebration the two days are Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.


Eid is the favorite festivals of children as they are the who get gifts from their parents and elder ones as Eiddi. Children love to collect the Eiddi happily and everyone seems so happy and greet each other Eid Mubarak.

People also do sadka and zakat and help poor and needy. Avery beautiful day it is, People forget all the hatred and hug each other Eid Mubarak.

EId ul Fitr Prayer

EId ul Fitr

Prayer is performed in Eidgah, Mosque or in the open area where the majority is very big. No Azaan was given for the prayer. Only two raqat namaz nafal is performed and after performing prayer they greet and hug each other Happy Eid or Eid Mubarrak.


Dussehra : Most Popular Festival In India


Dussehra is one of the most important festival of Hindus. Also known as Vijayadashami. It is one of the very popular and important festival celebrated in India.

Significance of Dussehra

It is celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri. It is believed according to Hindu rituals that it was the day of the great victory. Good won over evil. Lord Rama return from the battle after defeating Ravana and his big army in a very long battle that is why day day is celebrated as Vijayadashmi. Also a day celebrated as when Goddess Durga fight with Mahishasura’s big army and slayed buffalo demon.


One thing should be noticed that Vijayadashmi and Dussehra follows different rituals but the message is the same the victory of good over bad.The day is celebrated by performing a Ramalila at various places where people organised and take part in the play and perform the same story of the Lord  Rama victory. Dussehra is celebrated in the northern parts of the India. They dressed themselves as the Rama, Ravana and Meghnad as well as Kumbhakaran and most of the characters from the story.It dipicit the glory of Lord Rama and his righteous.

The idol of Goddess Durga and her son Lord Ganesha,Lord Kartikeya, Goddess Sarasvati and Goddess Laxmi are immersed and every one wishes each other happy Dussehera.

Dussehra Celebration In India

Hindu celebrated Dusshera and itis very important festival of their they also do fasting the 10 days of Navratri and do Puja. With Pandemic the celebration is slow but we hope our Dussehra will be good in the coming year.


Eid ul Adha : A Popular Festival Of Muslims


Eid ul adha or Bakra eid is a big festival of Muslim and celebrated with full excitement. This festival is celebrated every year on the same date according to the Islamic calendar.

Significance of Eid ul Adha

Prophet Ibrahim is very beloved of Allah and Allah Order him to scarifies his son, Ismail. Prophet Mohammad loved is son very much but he is ready to sacrifices his son in the name of Allah. With full of grievance Prophet Ibrahim takes his son at the mount Arafat because he loved his son very much he closes his eye before sacrifices  When he put knife on his sons head and get ready to sacrifices Allah send a sheep from heaven and Prophet Ibrahim runs a knife on the sheep.

When Prophet open his eyes and saw a sheep in place of Ismail he thought he would be punished by Allah but that is a test for ibrahim to sacrifices his only son in which he was pass and in this festival this sacrifices depict the act of Prophet Ibrahim and honour his sacristies.

Celebration Of Eid ul Adha


This day is celebrated with love and affection. People visit their friends and family and eat vermicelli made in almost every house. People also distribute the meat of the sacrifice. animal. They hug each other and also greet Eid Mubarak to everyone.

This is very Important festival in India and holiday is declare on this day. The festival is celebrated all over the world with big Muslim majority. Muslims sacrifices an animal in the name of Allah and before this they  pay nafal namaz and get ready for the namaz.


Most Popular Awaited Festival Diwali 2021


Diwali is the biggest festival also known as the festival of light as it is celebrated when the Lord Rama return to Ayodhya. We have the ideal this festival celebrations. We follow the prescribed Hindu traditions for the biggest festival, It that is celebrated by not only Hindus but sikhs, Jains, Buddhist with more excitement and conversations than usual, the annual tradition of it a celebration of light, knowledge, prosperity, knowledge and heavenly happiness has been ignited around the world.

Diwali In China

Indian Diwali, or Deepavali, is celebrated because it signifies the rebirth of a country at the passage of time. I agree. This time of year, the rebirth in China with Diwali 2021 has been just taking place as well. The significance of this festival for most people cannot be understated. The universe was a huge omen for us to reflect on and get ready for bright days ahead. Most importantly, It also symbolizes a week of darkness over and over again. Such is the cycle of life, which is very similar to the cycle of life in China. But again, look at the numbers, and it is guaranteed that Diwali 2020 will brighten the greatest numbers of lives in history.

The Indian calendar year ends on 15th of March. How we celebrate it is completely independent of lunar and solar season. People in India generally celebrate Diwali only at the last session of Tamil Navaratri. The varying colors of the Diwali fireworks are referred to as Gurukuls, as they are called. They truly symbolize prosperity and light among people. They are harmless.

Diwali in the World


The western world does not have a specific term to describe the significance of this festival. But in India, It is one of the biggest celebrations. There are thousands of societies in India. It is like our New Year’s Eve, Eid or Yu-Gi-Oh, all rolled into one. It has the potential to change the entire story in history of humanity.

Many people in this world do not know the meaning of this at all. How about us? We love it in India. Celebrations have been turned by the digital technology. Hundreds of millions of Diwali-related social media and digital content is being produced in 2020 alone. We call it Diwali Slam now! Remember when you walked around your neighborhood after school or work? Something seemed wrong. A huge bag of this festival sweets and fireworks was probably being left on the porch, by a single child. This no doubt brought joy to everyone in the neighborhood. Now it is impossible to resist it fireworks in China as well.

The energy around it in India is different from any other global festival. It has changed the shape of the global culture. The celebration of it in India has become synonymous with fashion, entertaining, cooking, travel, entertaining and religious expression.

With it coming so early as well as through recent inventions like the AI in the form of Amazon Echo and Google Home, the idea to interact with AI will form the basis of Diwali 2021. It is the light under the hazy skies. The richness of India is also brought to the world by Diwali this year.

Best Famous Festival In The World 2021

festival in the world

There are many festival in the world. It is easy to forget that not all festivals are created equal. However, a few can definitely be considered the best festival in the world.

And here are just some of the best famous festival in the world 2021.

These festivals tend to create amazing memories for their attendees, which is why they have the world’s most powerful appreciation on culture and to be honest, how it’s going around the world. They do include plenty of cool food, but are more focused on their music and how it’s creating a whole new generation. Their average audience is just about 15,000 people.

1. Burning Man Festival

They’re known for their non-stop, massive, family-friendly parties and social media happy memories.

Burning Man Festival is a 3-day party in Nevada, USA. The original goal was about protecting the environment and starting a self-determined celebration with precious rocks and woods. Since 2008, around 60,000 people have packed the desert near the Bay Area for these awesome parties. And what’s even better is, 50% of the tickets for the festival are still available for this year.

This the festival is cancelled due to the delta variant and we all should support this decision.

festival in the world

2. Tulum International Film Festival 

Have you ever had the opportunity to experience a festival filled with activities that would make your feet hurt but to eat food that wouldn’t mess you up at all? This festival will definitely be right up your alley. I know I have! This festival is dedicated to Cuban film and many kinds of virtual cinema are offered. You can see a lot of arts-oriented food festivals through the festival. You can also see virtual music concerts and more, and you get to view many of Cuba’s beautiful beaches.

“Some things, such as diverse culture, continuously adapt to change, even under pressure”–Epictetus

3. Glastonbury Festival

This festival in the English grounds combines music with art. Although they have many sorts of music, their main focus is rock music. This is now the largest music festival in the world, having had 115,000 attendees. Of course, this festival depends on weather and their budget for this. This festival is going to be bigger and better, more people are sure to come back.

4. Japanese Asakusa Kosumukuro Shrine Museum

This month-long event’s aim is to observe everything from multiple cultures and practices, let you know all about how these cultures fit into one. Your photos there will be displayed in the museum’s and you can get more information online. They offer food, massage and fitness classes. Not to mention, there are a lot of other fun things to do for the whole month and visitor’s this year.

Meeting with multicultural groups and one another throughout a month of the year can be amazing. It will be a new experience I would not like to miss out on.

I honestly thought I have never been able to spend too much time at the same event. But these festivals are supposed to last a whole lifetime. Who knows how many future festivals we’ll be able to enjoy. So if you’re feeling adventurous, there is something great going on in your city that you’ll want to check out.

Upcoming Most Popular Festival Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 festive events are becoming more powerful than ever, as the non-profit groups, schools, organisations, and municipalities begin giving something back to the public. From local farmers markets and church services, to window shops, festive clothing and food, community events are becoming more successful than ever before. Last year saw that my favorite social media page, Christmas in Dublin revealed an exciting new festival that might be launched soon. https://www.facebook.com/ChristmasInDublin/ accounts have been made and many are set to make their debut.

Christmas In Dublin

If you’re anything like me, you may have already witnessed Christmas in Dublin’s first market in 2018, which was held to celebrate the end of the year and the passing of the one thousand and forty-nine murders. It began with a ceremony in the middle of Covid in order to start the event and had some of the best food stalls to feast your eyes on. But I couldn’t think of anything amazing to do at first that wouldn’t just wind up as a brag, that I’m sure a lot of you would agree with.

Things were going well, it was nice to see young families having fun while strolling around the market which wasn’t something we usually see in Dublin’s Chinatown. With Myntra’s launch of their first section in Europe at Christmas in Dublin, you can see a lot of future exciting trends that we’ll want to support.

In terms of events, Christmas in Dublin is full of community and political events, as well as a number of smaller events that can be consumed on-demand. There are a lot of ideas for the future, and it’s really wonderful to know there are a community of stakeholders deciding and making some big decisions to shape the future of Christmas.

Christmas 2021 Celebration In All Over The world

Christmas 2021

Events are a great way to get involved in spreading the Christmas cheer to the community and use my local Christmas 2021 market to expose some new products and ideas to my friends and family. It’s absolutely rewarding to see how they respond and use what’s been put together so creatively.

We have more Christmas 2021 in Dublin to look forward to, although 2021 will be missing a lot due to the Covid pandemic. We’ll have some big events in February and March, so stay tuned on our website and our Facebook page.

Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the world not only in Dublin. Children and even adults wait for the Christmas eve to come.Christmas is the world biggest celebration festival.

Halloween 2021 : A famous festival in the world


Halloween is celebrated as a religion in most parts of the world on 31 October, earlier it was not into so much of fashion but today we can see how interestingly its been celebrated across the globe.

This tradition of celebrating the Halloween is originated generally from Samhain ancient Celtic festival, In this festival people used to light in order to ward the evil spirit by burning bonfire. During the eighth century, 1 November day is assigned to honour the saints by Pope George III.

The evening before this is knows a Hallows Eve, and just the next day is a Halloween. People started to celebrate Halloween with utmost interest by carving jack-o-lanterns, donning costumes to ward off the ghosts, eating treats, dancing and having fun with the family.



Presently the area known as the Ireland  presently, earlier the Celts lived 2000 years ago. November 1 is usually the end of summers and the beginning of winters when the days seems short and the nights are usually felt longer, a cold winter, dark night usually considered as the mark of human death.    Cinco de Mayo festival

Their was a believe among the Celts that the beginning of the new year is basically the burning fire between the living world and the dead. Thus a day before 1 November on 31 October they celebrate the Samhein.

Where it was believe that the spirits and ghost were returned to the world in order to speed fear among the living and scare them and cause trouble to them and also they believe that spirit will damage their crop.

During the long dark winter there was a self of relaxation among the Celts that they believe the presence of the other worldly spirit and ghost made easier for the priest to predict the future.



To perpetuate the event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires, where people were gathered in order to burn crops and animals as a sign of sacrifice to their Celtic deities. During the celebration, the Celts used to wear costumes made out of animal’s skin, and attempts are made to tell each others fortune.

Other practices included people going door to door asking for food by being in a disguise form, other addition to Halloween included “to see your face in the mirror in absolute dark with a lighted candle in hand, and you would see your future husband’s face.But this was stopped after a while and transformed into another calling “Bloody Mary” by looking into the mirror, ”these practices used to scare people, as it is obvious even if we are asked to look into the mirror in such absolute dark we would too get scared.


The actual meaning of Halloween is truly different as it is represented today, “All Hallows Eve” is the eve for the dead and just the next day “All Hallows Day” is the day for the living, but people now a days tend to focus more on the darker side than the brighter one.

Its actually a light telling us that brightness comes no matter how dark it is or it was, but people focus only on the dark side, celebrating the Hallow eve by disguising themselves in different horrific ways, watching scary movies, telling each others fortune, partying, they do such to ward off any evil spirit that might enter their way that very Eve.

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Songkran festival celebration 2021


Songkran is a festival celebrated by Thai people in Thailand (Bangkok) from April13-April15 every year welcoming the start of a new year, it’s a festival of waters, where people splash water on one other and enjoy with their friends, family, neighbours and relatives. People travel around the city to their relatives residence and gathers to enjoy the festive.

Many outsiders from around the world especially plans a holiday just to visit and enjoy the festival with the Thai people and the best part is that the outsiders are welcomed the same way as their own people, the use of water during this festival symbolizes the cleaning of all the dirt and misfortune before starting a New Year.

Water is poured especially on the images of Buddha to clean the misfortune and the year is started then. There are various set rules that one must follow during the time of Songkran which is discussed below.


Songkran a festival of Thailand:

Songkran is basically a festival of Thailand, which means “movement” or “to move”. According to the solar calendar a Songkran is a celebration of a New Year in the late 1888, and is celebrate from 13 April-15 April. It is a festival of Water where people splash water on one another, and even visit their relatives.

Cinco de Mayo

During this festive season buildings, malls, shops, restaurant remain close. Local People living in different parts of the world travel back to their home town for Songkran celebration and enjoy the family reunion.


What source is used to celebrate Songkran?

Water is the main source or say an element with which Songkran is celebrated, people enjoy this festive season by splashing a bucket of water or they use pistols full of water to make others wet from head to toe, they throw water on each other with utmost enjoyment and also visit their relatives this day, again a beauty is added to their festival by pouring water on the images of Buddha and also on the hands of the Buddhist monks as a sign of respect.

Why is water used to celebrate Songkran? You might be amazed as to why water is used to celebrate Songkran? The real reason being, water as we all know cleanses out every dirt and misfortunes, in order to start a New Year Thai people pour water on the images of Buddha to clean out all the misfortunes and to start up fresh.

And they celebrate this with so much of enthusiasm, by visiting temples, relatives and cleaning off their houses and the best part is anybody from this whole wide world can visit and be a part of their festival, they give equal respect and love to others as they show to their relatives, family and friends.

Do’s and Dont’s:

There are various set rules that one must follow to avoid any mishap.


• One must wake up early and wish their family.

• Take bath, get ready and wear a nice dress.

• Use scent or perfume added water to pour over your parents hands in order to get their       blessings.

• Visit temple,and try to be a part of pouring water on the images of Buddha.

• Visit your neighbors,relatives and friends.


• Do not drink and drive.

• Do not throw water on a persons face, intentionally, because the water might contain impurities that is harmful if you intake.

• Do not roam around in the road since the traffic is completely paralysed and try to be the part of the gathering.

• Be polite to others if you are splashed with water, as the festival is of waters, do not become impulsive.

• Try to be very friendly with others, and enjoy the festival with utmost excitement.

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Cinco de Mayo famous festival celebration 2021

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a Spanish word which means 5th of May. Cinco de Mayo day in Mexico is celebrated as annual celebration. This day is a celebrated as remarkable victory of Mexican Army in the year 1862 at the battle of Puebla over the French Empire.

The victory is celebrated out of happiness that the larger and much bigger French Army was defeated by the small Mexican Army.This celebration boost the moral of all. After the battle of Puebla the leader Zaragoza died because he was ill. At the second Battle of Puebla  big French force defeat the Mexcian Army and Mexico city come under the invaders.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is most popularly celebrated in United States. Cinco de Mayo has become the common festival of both Mexican American culture. Since 1863 this Cinco de Mayo is celebrated this celebration started in California.

But the popularity this festival Cinco de Mayo gained popularity n 1980s, Cinco de Mayo must have thanks to the many advertising companies advertising their beer and wine. The campaign run buy these advertising companies gained the popularity of the festival.

Cinco de Mayo in U.S

Since 1963 this festival is celebrated in US. In US Cinco de Mayo celebration is worth watching. The Mexican who lived in the United States celebrate the festival with remembering the battle and achievements of the people. Many people put banners so that they educate those who are not aware of the victory of Mexico over French.

On this day the school organised program and special events in order to educate their children about the culture and history.

Cinco de Mayo

This festival in US is celebrated in largest the main cities were largest Mexican population found is Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Antonio, Sacramento, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver the celebration in these cities were just like you are in Mexico.In some areas you can also enjoy the dance and music of Mexico.

Up Helly Aa festival

In US this festival is not the Federal holiday that is why schools and offices are still opened and public transport are also open. Some cities were Mexican population is high you an see parades and street programs which may cause little convenience  to the public.

Why Cinco de Mayo celebration is bigger in US than in Mexico??

In Mexico celebration of festival is on smaller scale and it is focused only on Military events but this is not in America. In America  drinking wines and eating, dancing and celebrating takes place.

Many American believe it is a Mexican Independence Day but it is not so, actually it is a small holiday to remember the Battle of Puebla and the victory. 16 September is Mexican Independence day.

Cinco de Mayo is among the top 5 five holiday for drinking the biggest difference between the celebration in Mexico and America. tequila, tecate, micheladas, and margaritas these are some of the special drinks used most in the festival.

People in American whether Mexican or not enjoy with eating Mexican cuisine and drinking beer. People of America especially in areas where the Mexican population is highest can see the celebration whether in Mexico it is a celebration of the victory over the French and they all engage in the military areas and parades takes place where more than 20,000 people take part.

Misconception of Independence Day

Mexican Independence day is celebrated is celebrated on 16 September which is celebrated throughout Mexico. But have you imagine that Cinco de Mayo is started in America because of the ties of the history to the civil war and started from there. But Mexican Independence Day is not connected with this festival. So in short enjoy Mexican food and their tradition and enjoy the festival no matters whether American or Mexican or else.

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Upcoming Indian colourful Holi Festival 2021 celebration

Holi festival

Holi is a festival of color. This Holi festival is the most popular festival among children. Holi festival signify the triumph of the good over bad. This festival celebrate the end of the winter season and arrival of the spring season. This Holi festival celebrated in India and it has become the part of the Indian festival.

According to the Hindu Calender this festival comes in the month of Phalguna acceding to the English calendar which is generally comes in the mid of the March. This Holi festival means festival of love people enjoy and play with colors and forgive each other and spread the message of love. Laughing and playing with colors is the main fun.

Holi festival

Holi Festival is start gaining much popularity in the other parts of Asia and especially among non-Hindu. Holi is ancient festival for Hindus not only in India but also in Nepal and other Indian subcontinents . According to the reports this festival is also spreading and gaining popularity in Europe and North America as well.

the celebration of Holi start one day before where in the night with burning of the woods and doing pooja the process is called Holika Dahan. All the rituals regarding the bonfire is done there and they pray for good for everything, they pray to destroy the evil like that Holika destroyed.

Holi festival

The next day Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm and full of colors and put color on each other and play. Water balloons and water guns used to drench each other. Their is no difference between the rich and poor and whether stranger or friend everybody put colors on each other and show brotherhood.

Kite festival

Holi parties was also organised by the people at homes or parks and an special drink know as bhang was prepared especially in Holi festival which is made from crushing the cannabie which made you Drowsy. Many food items were also prepared by women at home.

History of Holi festival related to Krishna

Lord Krishna was grew up in Braj a place in India. Where the festival of Holi is considered to be the festival of love. Here in Braj this Holi festival is celebrated in the memory of the divine love of Radha and Krishna. Krishna has dark color complexion because when he was baby the demon Putana feed him with her breast milk and poisoned him.

Holi festival

Krishna mother told him to go to Radha and ask her to put color on your face because Krishna was always thinking whether Radha wj=ho is fair skinned will like him or not. when Krishna visit Radha and ask her to color his face in any color she like and she did it and they became a couple since then.So this is the history related to the Radha and Krishna.So this festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

History of Holi Festival related to Lord Vishnu

It was a story of victory of good over bad. When King Hiranyakashipu have got boon and have five powers those are that he neither killed by human being nor by an animal,and on land not water and air this made him think that he was a God and he become very arrogant.

He demanded that everyone should worship him and no one else. But his son Prahlada did not agree and go against him, which made king angry and gave punishment to his son Prahlada.

Holika  Prahlada aunt ask him to sit on fire with her and she where a  cloak from which fire doesnot effect her but  when the fire grew her cloak flew from her and save Prahlada and burned Holika. Then Lord Vishu appear as Narasimha who is half human and half animal.at dusk and kill the arrogant king Hiranyakashyapu at the door. This is the victory of good over evil.